2020 Presentation Evening: Recognising Excellence

1 December 2020

Congratulations to all our award winners at our College’s 2020 Presentation Evening which was held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 27 November 2020.

The fast-paced nature of school and life itself often results in many of us forgetting to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the numerous accomplishments that we, as individuals, achieve more often than we may realise.

While there are many occasions throughout the year at La Salle College where we recognise and celebrate the hard work and successes of our students, the pinnacle of these celebrations is our Presentation Evening, an event that acknowledges excellence across a broad spectrum of College endeavours with a key focus on recognising outstanding academic achievements over the course of the year.

It was therefore fantastic to be able to be joined by parents, students and staff, both in person and via livestream, to celebrate the wonderful students and the wider community by recognising the many worth award recipients on the night.

Listed below are the winners of the special awards. A full list of award winners can be found here.

  • Australian Defence Force 2020 Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award: Ashleigh Candy
  • Australian Defence Force 2020 Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award: Samuel Caubo
  • Br Eric Pigott Performing Arts Award: Tegan Leggett
  • Br Fitzhardinge Technology & Enterprise Award: Callen Temple
  • Caltex Best All Rounder: Victoria Pavy
  • City of Swan Award: Courtney Casotti-Hill
  • Dux of the College Award: Jordan Stacey
  • Gary Veen Memorial Award: Gus Hameister
  • Madge Smith Memorial Award: Zephan Cox
  • Margaret Bull Touching Hearts Award: Aaron McAlister
  • Pauline Millar Award: Norman Luyt
  • Proxime Accessit: Qi Ren
  • St John Baptist de La Salle Award: Emily Candy
  • St Joseph Award: Izabel Griffin
  • Stopp Family Sports Award: Lucy Baptist
  • Stopp Family Sports Award: Jye O’Leary

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