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Angelico Art Exhibition 2022

17 August 2022

The Angelico Art Exhibition is named after Blessed Fra Angelico, Patron before God of Artists and is a prestigious annual event on the Catholic school art calendar. The Exhibition opened on Tuesday evening 16 August 2022 and features six entries from La Salle College students across Year 8 to 12. The College is very proud of the students that submitted work and below is a short summary about each submission.  

A group of Year 8 students painted colourful cakes and treats in acrylic paint inspired by artist Wayne Theibaud.  

Top row L-R Marsh Inso, Micah Jardinico, Georgia Candy

Mid row L-R Tamsyn Slater, Yumi Cruz, Leah Velardo

Bottom Row L-R Eve Ciapusci, Dakota Redfearn, Naomi Caltanisetta)

Tamiya Mosbergen-Smith created a multi-layered piece inspired by the life story of her Grandmother, Ruth Mosbergen and it depicts the various stages of her life. “I created this art piece as a homage to who I believe my grandmother was, a young woman, who just turned 18, forced to marry a man she didn’t know and leave her home country to one that hated her, a country that promised opportunity and freedom she never received, yet she remained solemn in the face of her adversity. I see my grandmother as only a shell of what she was as PSP has deteriorated her body and I find that she can rarely express herself the way she wants, the words etched are the ones that she always says, repeated and messy to resemble her mind. The shards are her body, seemingly broken and jumbled as it loses function, only held together by the white strings, representing her memories and determination.”

Sophie Holmes artwork was inspired by how words can hurt people. She created the skeletal bust from clay and painted it white with grey shadows. The bust sits on a platform that can rotate to show the sickly spine that protrudes from the sculpture. Sophie also made a video piece, it features words that she received when asking her peers what negative words they get called – either by text or verbally. The background of the video shows the scene you would see when staring out of a car window combined with flashes of student’s eyes. This combination of video and sculpture has extended the concept of sculpture and looks fabulous in the gallery.

Luisa Cuccovia created a skateboard depicts the journalism coverage and advertising campaigns surrounding COVID-19. She has used a mixture of collage and paint to create her piece.

Lilia Steele has has created artwork composed of two symmetrical round canvases with double portraits faced away from each other. They have faces bursting with thickly applied oil paint on a black background with a shattered texture. The portraits are surrounded by four various eyes on the left canvas and four various open mouths on the right canvas. Lilia said “I have done this to create a loud and chaotic artwork that can be perceived by each viewer differently as they can relate to their own personal experiences.”

Sarah Kelly has painted a reflection of how her personal experiences and memories shaped how she perceives the world. It is a portrait of her eye composed of many photos that she has taken over the years. These images are either places or items that are important to her or are associated with strong memories she has. Sarah said “There are quite a few of my schools art room, my instruments and the Sydney music tour I went on. I love how from a distance it just looks like an eye but when you get closer you can get lost in the detail. I also found painting this piece really enjoyable as I was constantly painting new images and remembering the memories associated with them.”

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