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Bindaring Reserve enviro excursion

10 March 2022

On Thursday 10 March, all Year 9 students in Benildus went to Bindaring Reserve in Bassendean as part of our Touching Hearts Project.

Students helped to clear away some of the unwanted weeds in a proposed living stream to help the existing plants grow and make room for new plants as well.

In this experience we learned about some of the types of weeds and how to remove them with various tools. The experience was over-all very interesting as we gained knowledge about the weeds and plants around us, while helping out the environment.

It was rewarding to see how much of an impact we made in four hours, and we realised that even one person, or a small group can still help out the environment. This experience helped me realise that we need to do our part more to help our amazing earth flourish and grow.

With the amount of work, we were able to do in four hours with only 25 or so people, just imagine what we could do if the whole community got involved.

It really gives you faith that you can help the earth.

Student reflection by Olivia Ruck , Year 9.

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