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BYOD Notebook Program

1 March 2022

La Salle College is a 1:1 notebook computer school, with all students being required to have a suitable device.

It is anticipated that students will update their device every three years (i.e. first device for Years 7 to 9; second device for Years 10 to 12), however, a device can be purchased at any time.

You will find all the relevant information about the BYOD Program in this letter. The letter can also be found on the Parent Hub:

  1. Login to Parent Hub.
  2. Click on Getting through the day.
  3. Click on “Notebook and Devices”.
  4. “BYOD Notebooks for 2022”.

Importantly, if  you bought your device in Year 7 then the warranty has now expired, so any repairs will result in a cost.

For further information about the BYOD Program please contact the college’s ICT Service team by email

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