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Murdoch Flexitrack High

FlexiTrack High is an enabling course run by Murdoch University and facilitated by staff at the College as a subject in Year 12.
As Flexi Track is selected as a subject in Year 12, it will be timetabled as one period per day on your child’s timetable. It is expected that students will dedicate at least one hour per day outside of school time to maintain their studies in this program. Students require an A or a B grade in English General in Year 11 to gain entry into this course. This is an academic requirement set by Murdoch University, not by La Salle College.

The structure of the course is four online modules, with a variety of assessments and assignments, forums, and online contributions. Students will have a class teacher from La Salle College and will also be allocated a tutor from Murdoch University. Successful completion of the course will give students automatic entry into courses with a 70 ATAR at Murdoch University.

Please note the following information:

  • Your child is required to change one subject from their timetable to allow Flexi Track High to be added.
  • It is compulsory for students to continue study English General, Religious Education and at least one list B subject (e.g., Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and some technology subjects).
  • There is a commitment required from your child to ensure they are prepared for the application and time required.
  • Parents will be required to attend an information session at the College this semester, and attendance at Murdoch University’s Flexi Track High Information session is recommended.
  • This process will enact changes to your child’s timetable; however, they will still need to complete the enrolment process to the Flexi Track High program. Information regarding this will be disseminated in due course.
  • There is a $1200.00 fee associated with this course that is paid directly to Murdoch University in 2024.
  • Your child needs to maintain their A or B grade in General English to gain entry to this course.
  • If you have any questions, please email Miss Belinda Sewell (Careers Counsellor) below.
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