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15 August 2022

La Salle College provides extensive choice and opportunities for young people in courses leading to achievement of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), TAFE entrance, university entrance or securing employment.

Our dynamic learning environment ensures students are offered a range of academic pathways tailored to help them achieve excellence at an individual level.

Our partnerships with TAFEs, local businesses and other providers ensure our students can further their learning in a workplace setting and achieve accreditations, opening doors to higher learning and career opportunities.

Students are encouraged to: 
  • Embrace your abilities and strengths
  • Explore your passions
  • Create your pathway
  • Set achievable goals
  • Excel to make your plan a reality
  • Review your plan for success
Our Careers team can help with:  
  • Planning your career pathway
  • Advice for subject selections
  • Advice for career choices and goal setting
  • Support to develop a resume
  • Advice for interview skills
  • Skill-based and Workplace learning at school
  • Relationships with TAFE and Registered Training Organisations.

Our Career team can be contacted directly by email. 

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