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Principal’s Message

Generative AI can generate new content such as text, images, audio, and video that resembles what humans can produce. It is effective at recognising patterns (in video, audio, text or images) and emulating them when tasked with producing something. (Source: Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence in Schools, 2023, Education Department Australia, accessed 30 May 2024) Since […]

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Storytelling with AI

Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Year 9 Digital Technologies the students have been building and testing Arduino table-top games using programs that they’ve created themselves using the Arduino IDE (ISO C). These table-top games demonstrate their understanding of DIGITAL INPUT / OUTPUT using an Arduino Microcontroller in combination with buttons, and LEDs. What

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Starkick Design a Jumper Competition

Last year the WA Football Commission ran the Inaugural Starkick Design a Jumper competition. The competition challenged students to get creative and design a Football Jumper that showcased the essence of their school. The competition was close, with amazing entries from Education support students from across the WA. Ex-Lasallian student (2023), Olivia Ricks was the

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Dance and Drama students take to the stage

Our Dance and Drama students have been engaging in our creative curriculum, having fun performing in our Nicolas Barre Auditorium. In Drama, students are given opportunities to plan, refine and perform drama to peers by using processes, techniques and conventions of drama. Drama is based on extended improvisations, or taken from appropriate, published script excerpts,

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Having fun in a ‘World of Maths’

Last month our Year 7 students had the fantastic opportunity of participating in the ‘World of Maths’ incursion morning hosted by Mr Sascha Hentz. The ‘World of Maths’ incursion offered 17 different sets of large, colourful hands-on activities. The students had the opportunity to learn and express a variety of different skills and strategies needed

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La Salle College on the Derbarl Yerrigan

The collective effort of La Salle College students and staff over three years, has produced an artwork that represents the school’s proud history. Titled ‘La Salle College on the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River),’ La Salle Aboriginal Education Assistant Bethany Farmer said the painting was born from a need to provide strong pastoral care opportunities for

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Students shine in community sport

Congratulations to Matilda, Isabella, Ava, Jack, Chris and Madeline for their sporting success in Term 1 and over the Easter break.  Matilda Wilkins Yr 10 – Placed third, representing La Salle College in the Equestrian WA Interschool State Championships competing in the Show Horse Senior Championships.  Isabella Clarke Yr 10 – Represented WA Baseball at the Australian

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Easter Mass Services in the Community

There are a number of Easter Mass services available through local Parishes for you and your family to come together as a community to commemorate and remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Visit the websites below for more details: St Brigid’s Church – Midland/Herne Hill  Parish Events & Announcements – Midland Parish ( St Anthony’s Church

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