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Changes to Family Account references and SEQTA

15 April 2021

As the demands of modern schools increase, so have the services required to support schools and the need to integrate these services and unite them under one central management system.  

To meet this important necessity, Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is deploying a comprehensive administration and finance system, Administration of Schools (AoS), to all Catholic Schools.    

Over the past few months, La Salle College has been working with staff from CEWA to replace our current system with the AoS system, and subject to final testing, we expect to go live between 21 and 26 April 2021. The shift to the new system will result in changes to your Family Account references and SEQTA.    

What changes will I experience because of the transition to the new AoS system? 

Once the transition is complete, all parent and guardian SEQTA accounts will be reset. You will need to reactivate your SEQTA account using the link in the automated welcome email that you will receive after AoS goes live. All user preferences will be reset to the default setting and any direct messages will no longer be available.  Student SEQTA accounts will not be impacted by the AoS transition.  


There will also be a change to your BPAY reference number, and your family key will be replaced by a new system-generated reference number. 

What do I need to do before the new AoS system goes live? 

We recommend that you do the following by 5pm Tuesday 20 April: 

  • Download all your school reports within SEQTA
  • Screenshot any direct messages in SEQTA that you wish to keep a record of.

How will I know when the new AoS system is live? 

  • Once the AoS system is live, you will receive an automated welcome email from SEQTA with instructions on how to reactivate your account. Your previous SEQTA login details will no longer be valid once the new system is live.
  • You will receive an updated Fee Statement within a week of the AoS system going live. 
  • The Fee Statement will detail your balance, updated payment details, and further information about what you might need to do.  

What do I need to do after the new AoS system is live?  

  • Reactivate your SEQTA account within a week of receiving the welcome email  
  • If you use the SEQTA Engage app, log out and log in using your new details 
  • Please read all the information in the upcoming email containing your updated Fee Statement and action accordingly.   
Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and cooperation in helping us transition to the new system.

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