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6 February 2023

A huge thank you to our Maintenance and ICT teams who have worked tirelessly over the summer School Holidays to ensure a number of College Development Projects were completed for the start of Term 1 2023.

Many of the refurbishments and updates listed below have enhanced our learning areas for the benefit of our students and staff.

If you see our Maintenance and ICT teams around the College grounds – be sure to give them a big smile and thank you!

Refurbishment of 10 “G” Block rooms:

  • Render and plaster all bare brickwork
  • Repaint all walls across the 10 rooms
  • Removal of redundant ductwork
  • Removal of carpets and replacement with new carpet tiles.

Refurbishment of A3 and Photography/Media Darkroom

  • Full refurbishment with repaint and new carpet
  • Dark room and green screen refresh.


  • Upgrade and replace ageing air conditioners around the College which included bricking, replastering and painting walls.

B & G Lockers

    • More than 300 new lockers to replace the original metals ones in G and B Blocks. This is the next phase of the locker upgrade program that will eventually roll out to replacing all lockers.

Basketball/Tennis Courts

    • The back outdoor courts have been restored with extensive pressure washing.

Yarning Circle

    • The construction of the Yarning Circle is now complete. The Yarning Circle represents a space for groups to come together as equal with no hierarchy to share stories and experiences. The Yarning Circle has cultural significance for our Indigenous students and presents opportunity for cultural ceremony (e.g., smoking ceremonies).

Boarding House

    • Federal funding was received to enhance the wellbeing of Boarding students and these funds were utilised for the refurbishment of the recreation room facilities to provide students with a comfortable space that is engaging and calming to be their home away from home.  Funds were also utilised to support the student’s pastoral wellbeing.

ICT upgrades 

    • New screens and projectors in some classrooms
    • New internal ticket system to log maintenance and ICT issues.

Interlocking chair system 

  • 1,600 new interlocking chairs for use in whole school assemblies in the Gym
  • The interlocking chair system increases comfort and safety for the students in the event of an emergency evacuation.

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