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The La Salle College Alumni began in 2008 and provides an opportunity for all past students to remain in contact. Through our Alumni we wish to maintain the relationships formed and keep the spirit of La Salle College alive through College functions and class reunions.

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CLASS OF 2017 - Reunion Dinner

On Tuesday 7 May, over 100 students from the Class of 2017 gathered together at 7th Avenue Bar and Restaurant for a three course meal to reminisce of their time at La Salle College and catch up with what they have been doing for the past 18 months.  

The night commenced with our 2017 College Captains, Luke and Magan welcoming guests and Christian Ministry Captains, Jeremy and Emma saying the prayer before the meal.

CLASS OF 1963 - 55 Year Reunion


Where have the years gone?

On Thursday 1 November, members of the Class of 1963 returned to the College to see the remarkable changes since their humble beginnings of 4 classrooms (B Block) at De La Salle College, Middle Swan back in 1963.

Class of 1963 members
Kevin Smith
Rudi Kerenyi
Ian Campbell
John Deldarz
Paul Calleja (La Salle College teacher during 1970s)
Michael Grogan
Rolly Mervin
John Rengal
Alan Jeffrey (College Captain)
Frank Schneider

"All the boys were very impressed with the morning tea, tour of the College and the very impressive facilities, compared with our days at the College. It was also very good to catch up with Wayne over morning tea and share some early stories of the College".
Mr Kevin Smith, Class of 1963 and La Salle College Board Chair 1993-1999

The Class of 1963 reminisced as they had photographs taken in front of their classrooms (B Block), the original St John Baptist de La Salle statue in the Memorial Garden of the Chapel, in front of their respective House flags and reenacting their pose as young school students outside what was the original chapel.




CLASS OF 1988- 30 Year Reunion

On Thursday 22 November 17 school friends gathered together for a Twilight Tour of the College - 30 years after leaving the College grounds as the Graduating Class of 1988.

Stories were shared of the buildings they once used that had been changed so amazingly like the Fr Laurence Murphy SDS Senior Learning Centre.    This was once their gymnasium and Chapel.  The Peter Knox Oval was also once the drive in and they remember removing the drive-in speakers from the grounds in preparation for what would be our future oval.  

 CLASS OF 1993 - 25 Year Reunion 

On Saturday 27 October, 44 members from the Class of 1993 together with former Principal, Mr Clement Mulcahy gathered together at The Camfield to reminisce of their time at La Salle College back in 1993 and the catch up on the years that have gone by.

Simon Butler dug deep into his archives and found his 1993 woolen blazer, which he wore with pride on the evening. Simon’s father, Donald Butler also attended De La Salle College from 1956 to 1961.

Coordinators of the reunions, Kelli Jose (nee Sweeney), Natalie Thomson (nee Stockey) and Richi Barbarich said “We were thrilled to have 44 fellow class mates come to our 25 Year Reunion. It was great seeing everyone again and was just like old times.”

Through our Alumni we wish to maintain the spirit of La Salle College.

CLASS OF 2016 - Reunion Dinner

The Class of 2016 Alumni Dinner was held in conjunction with the 2018 Hall of Excellence on Friday 7 September in the Patricia Rodrigues Centre at La Salle College.   It was an evening to catch up with past peers and reminisce of the times at La Salle College.

Photographs of the event can be found on La Salle College's Facebook page 


CLASS OF 2008 10 Year Reunion

The Class of 2008 held their 10 Year Reunion on 13 October 2018 in the Vaudeville Room at the Guildford Hotel.    


The Alumni Class of 2015 reunion dinner was held on Wednesday 3 May 2017 at The 7th Avenue Bar and Restaurant.  It was a great opportunity to catch up on what has been happening since leaving La Salle College.



The Alumni Class of 2014 reunion dinner was held in conjunction with the Hall of Excellence Gala Dinner on Friday 9 September 2016.   Details of the 5 year reunion will be sent in 2019.  To update your contact details, please call the Community Relations Department on 9449 0635 or email 



The Alumni Class of 2013 reunion dinner was held on Wednesday 22 April 2015 at Valley View Restaurant, Henley Brook.  

CLASS OF 2011 and 2012

The Alumni Classes of 2011 and 2012 held their reunion at the Hall of Excellence and 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Gala Dinner on Friday 12 September 2014 in the Patricia Rodrigues Centre.   

CLASS OF 2004 – 10 Year Reunion

The Class of 2004 reunion was held in November 2014.  Should you wish to register your name for future events, please contact or call 9449 0635. Alternatively please email Steven Nicholas


Reunion details to be published when details have been confirmed.

CLASS OF 1992 - 25 Year Reunion

The Class of 1992 25 year reunion was held on Saturday 18 November 2017 at the Woodbridge Hotel.     Please contact Natalie Insley on 0417 956 223 for more information or visit the La Salle Class of '92 25 Year Reunion Facebook page.

CLASS OF 1994 - 20 Year Reunion

The Class of 1994 reunion was held in October 2014.   Should you wish to register your name for future events, please contact or call 9449 0635.  Alternatively please email Nicole Richardson

Class of 1975 - 40 Year Reunion 

The Class of 1975 held their 40th year reunion on Saturday 7 November at Mandoon Estate.    For those who were able to attend, it was an opportunity to catch up on 40 years that had passed since their last farewell and also a time to reminisce about being a student at La Salle College.  Now based in Broome, Br Fitzhardinge, La Salle College Principal from 1972 to 1973 (the Brother Fitzhardinge Trade Skills Centre is named in his honour) flew to Perth to attend this special gathering.  Mr Bevan Carter, the students’ Year 11 and 12 teacher was also in attendance.  For Mr Bevan, his association with the College continues as a Grandparent of a current student.

La Salle History – extracted from the La Salle College First Fifty Years publication.

In April 1972, a letter from the St Brigid’s School Administrative Committee was received concerning the possibility and feasibility of establishing a co-educational school combing secondary students of both La Salle and St Brigid’s.  On 8 September, a special meeting of the Board of Management was held at which the following resolution was passed:  “that La Salle College enter the field of co-education for first, second and third year as a co-institutional College with co-institutional and shared facilities, the La Salle campus to be comprised of La Salle Boys’ College and La Salle Girls’ College.” 

Co-education was a new concept for Catholics, though it had been in State schools for some time.  In 1973 when the school year commenced the girls had separate classrooms but shared external yards and grounds.  From 1974 onwards the College became completely co-educational. 

During 1973, Sr Leo was Principal of La Salle Girls’ College, while Brother Fitzhardinge was Principal of La Salle Boys’ College and in charge overall of the affairs of the combined schools. 

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