Charitable Fundraising

St John Baptist de La Salle, inspired a Christian community to educate marginalised youth and in particular “caring for the least the last and the lost”.  Today our College community can carry on this work by becoming involved in fundraising to assist others in need.

Fundraising allows students and staff to:

  • encourage closer links with the wider Catholic community;
  • give witness to the mission of the Church
  • develop the Christian spirit of community service; and
  • assist people in need.

All funds raised are for the benefit of needy and disadvantaged people in Australia and overseas. Events such as Mission Aid Day, Project Compassion and Stomp are school-wide initiatives that raise funds for organisations such as Archbishop’s Life Link, Caritas Australia, the St Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Missions and the Lasallian Foundation.

Personal Fundraising

Some personal fundraising is permitted, once approval has been given by the College. Students may raise money for initiatives such as the 40 hour famine, World’s Greatest Shave and if they are involved in a College representative trip or tour. Students selected in State/National teams may also apply to raise personal funds. 

Student Resources and Facilities

Fundraising also takes place for resources and facilities for students at the College. Presently we are raising funds to provide more shade throughout the College grounds. 

Our current fundraising initiatives are listed below. If you are interested, please click on the link below.

Entertainment Publications.


Entertainment Books - Helping the least, the last, the lost.

Pre-orders for  Entertainment Books and digital memberships are now available. Click on this link to purchase your membership today. 

In addition to the hundreds of local offers for dining, it now features over 70 of the best restaurants, attractions and accommodation that Bali has to offer.   Books or digital memberships are $70 each and 20% of the purchase price goes directly to Lasallian works and charities.

A digital membership also allows up to 4 people in your family to access on their individual mobile phones.

Millions of children and young people around the world are denied access to basic human rights.  In keeping with the traditions begun by St John Baptist de La Salle, the Lasallian Foundation works to make a sustainable difference by giving them the opportunity to realise their full human potential and break the poverty cycle, which has plagued their families and communities for generations.

The Foundation is committed to reaching out to the least, the lost and the last through education in the Lasallian tradition.  It is this tradition that sees their ongoing commitment to support young people and their communities in effecting positive change for those who have little hope for the future due to poverty and ignorance. 





Page last updated on Tuesday 21 May 2019