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Courage through classroom prayer

25 June 2024

At the end of last year our Religious Education Department discussed how they could use practical ways to apply the College’s pedagogical principles of Engagement, Connection, Flexibility and Courage. The team felt that they could build the courage of staff and students through practicing classroom prayer more effectively. 

To assist in this, the Religious Education staff selected three scripted prayers for students and teachers to incorporate into their lessons, aiming to meet the pedagogical principle of courage: the College prayer, a short Divine Mercy Novena and a Ignatian Examen prayer. Students were also tasked with exhibiting courage by remaining focused in prayer on Jesus and how he was able to convey courage in his words and actions.

A prayer focus incorporating the image of Jesus Divine Mercy was used in each classroom to achieve this and the application has been a huge success encouraging both teachers and students in classroom prayer.

This mindset allows our students to become true Lasallians who enrich the lives of others.

Through our courage, we can transform lives. 

John Wilgress | Leader of Learning Religious Education

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