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Cybercrime Reminder

27 May 2024

An important reminder about cybercrime 

Criminals commit cybercrime by using a computer or online network to target victims. Anyone can be a victim of cybercrime, from individuals, schools, businesses to government.

The College was recently alerted to a cybercrime that occurred during the ACC Cross-Country Event last week, Thursday 30 May.

A post was made to a school Facebook page announcing the ACC event to the community in the morning.  At lunch time a Facebook account (normal user account – the cybercriminal) posted a link with a message to watch the live stream. When a community member clicked on the link they were asked for their credit card details. The link was a scam/phishing attempt which unfortunately was successful in gaining credit card details from at least one parent.

The ACC has asked us to share this information with our school community to raise awareness and also to help prevent future incidents form occurring.

Please note, La Salle College will always post information from its official pages and never ask you for personal or financial information in this way.

If you think you have been scammed you can consult this web page: What to do if you’ve been scammed | Scamwatch. The page has helpful steps you can take straight away to limit the damage and protect yourself from further loss.

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