Enrolments Procedure

Enrolling of new students


The procedure that the College follows in the enrolling of new students is as follows:

Upon request a prospectus is sent out to the prospective parent/guardian including an “Enrolment Application” form (one form per student).

When completed, the application form is lodged, together with requested documentation, with the College. The lodgement of this form registers your interest in having your child considered for enrolment at La Salle College.

Prior to enrolment being offered, parents/guardians and the student are expected to attend an interview with the Principal. For students entering Year 7 this normally occurs in Semester One when the child is in Year 5.

An offer of enrolment is generally sent out by the end of Semester One. The “Enrolment Acceptance” form must be completed and returned by the due date together with an enrolment deposit. The enrolment deposit ensures the student’s place in the appropriate intake and is deducted from the first semester fees. This deposit is not refundable should an acceptance be withdrawn.

Request Enrolment Package

Please allow up to 48 hours for an electronic copy sent via email or up to 7 days for a hard copy sent by post. 


Enrolments Application Form Only

PARISH PRIEST REFERENCE FORM To download the Paris Priest Reference form, please click here


Request Enrolment Package

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