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Grape-stomping science

9 March 2022

Our Year 11 Viticulture Class visited Kosovich Winery to see viticulture in action during Week 5 of Term 1.

Mr Ray Kosovich generously gave up his time to show our students around the vineyard to see multiple types of table and wine grapes, root stock and trellis systems. Students explored vines from 1 year to a hundred years old and tasted wine grapes and table grapes from a myriad of different vines.

Students also explored the inner workings, machines and large number of tanks involved in large scale wine production such as grape crusher/destemmer, temperature control systems and a large wine press.

They also saw the hand dug underground wine cellar and the collection of wine barrels including the vintages used to create the extremely valuable Kosovich Rare Old Muscat.

An innovative science learning experience!

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