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Having fun in a ‘World of Maths’

30 April 2024

Last month our Year 7 students had the fantastic opportunity of participating in the ‘World of Maths’ incursion morning hosted by Mr Sascha Hentz.

The ‘World of Maths’ incursion offered 17 different sets of large, colourful hands-on activities. The students had the opportunity to learn and express a variety of different skills and strategies needed for problem solving in real life situations.

The activities served as a guided discovery lesson where our Year 7 students discovered and identified many mathematical concepts and ideas in a fun environment.

Mr Hentz was a fantastic facilitator and the students had lots of fun. They were very eager to begin investigating the problem-solving tasks and remained engaged for the entire session. The tasks ranged in levels of difficulty which catered for all students, allowing for both differentiation and challenge.

Thank you once again to Mr Hentz and we look forward to hosting ‘World of Maths’ next time they visit!

Ruth Harvey – Maths Teacher

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