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Impact to train service 31 March – 26 April

10 March 2023

Transperth have advised the College about the potential impact of the impending closure (March 31 to April 26) of the Midland and Airport train lines as a result of the realignment work for the new Morley-Ellenbrook. Refer to this press statement for more details.

The train lines will close from 31 March to 26 April, with the majority of this line closure impacting the School Holiday period.

Transperth is not planning to make any changes to bus services that travel to or from La Salle College during this upcoming shutdown. Times and routes will remain the same.

However, the Midland train line will be replaced by bus services, so any passengers that currently transfer from/to a train service will have their journey disrupted.

Replacement bus services will be very frequent but will not be as fast as the train as they have no option but to travel in mixed traffic on the road.

Details on train replacement services are available via Transperth. You are encouraged to use the Transperth journey planner to plan your journey during this shutdown.

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