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Make a Difference Day 2023

12 May 2023

On Friday 5 May, our College community celebrated Make a Difference Day. This is an enjoyable and significant day in the life of the school. 

Throughout the day, we remember, in different ways, three foundational elements of La Salle. The first is our community itself. We are privileged to spend each day with a wonderful collection of adults and teenagers who bring a wealth of gifts, talents, and personalities to the community. The day started with a celebration of Mass during which we recognised the presence of God in our midst. 

Following the Mass, our Lasallian Volunteers reminded the community of the inspirational story of our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and how we continue his mission to touch hearts, teach minds, and transform lives through our support of our sister school, Sant Sing Wala, in Pakistan. They showed images of the facilities we funded from last year’s MAD Day and the project to refurbish a science block this year. This foundation of Christian service, modelled by St. John Baptist de La Salle provided a foundation for the fun, games, and food our PCGs provided for each other across the rest of the day.

The day concluded with the La Salle’s Got Talent concert, showcasing some of the amazing talents of our staff and students. As we left the College gym at the end of the day, the atmosphere of joy and pride in our school community was tangible. It was a great reminder that many special things happen every day at La Salle College.

Student reflections:

MAD Day was a very exciting day. All throughout the day I was thinking about how we students were able to make a difference to students around the world. While also having fun! Isabella Pinkstone

I appreciated the ability to help out the kids in Pakistan and to make some memories with my friends. Maximus La Macchia

Spending money is fun, but spending money for a good cause is funner! Will Hanson

One of the best days of the year. Great place to spend time with mates. I enjoyed the great stalls with good food and fun activities. Carlos Paganelli

One of the best days of the year, always a good time to raise money for other Lasallian schools in need. Plus, the pizza was good. Torbyn Dienhoff

What I love most about MAD Day is how everyone works together towards a goal. Arwyn Marie

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