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Make a Difference (MAD) Day

18 May 2021

On Friday 14 May our students and staff celebrated Make a Difference Day (MAD) Day, a significant day in the life of La Salle College. It is the day we celebrate our founder, St John Baptist de La Salle whose Feast Day is the 15 May. The aim of the day is to think about the least, last and lost – and through our actions focus on ‘service to others’ as well as raising funds through stalls and activities to support those in our community that need a helping hand.

The College raised more than $17,000 that will go towards the Archbishop’s LifeLink Appeal and the Lasallian Foundation. This year our twin school in Pakistan, Sant Singh Wala, needs a toilet block and water tank and so the Foundation will finance this project. We recognise that people do not just need financial assistance, but also, ‘actions’ can improve the lives of others.  Our MAD Day had a strong emphasis on ‘service to others’ and was a fantastic day for our school community to come together to work as one. 

There was plenty of funds raised, lots of laughter, new memories to cherish and an entertaining display of La Salle’s Got Talent!

A reflection from Lydia and Joanne  – Year 9 Student Councillors

Make A Difference Day is a day that all Lasallian students experience once a year. We start the morning with mass, celebrating the life of our founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle. We were then given the opportunity to meet two of our Lasallian volunteers and play a game of heads and tails as a whole school. The rest of the day consists of the running of stalls by the individual PCG’s where students join in activities and buy all sorts of food. To conclude, we have our annual La Salle’s Got Talent, where we see the future stars of La Salle. With all the money raised, we donate to our LaSallian sister school. 

MAD Day 2021 was a great day that we got to experience again, and we are positive that the year 7’s enjoyed their first one as well. We all had a really great time, and it was rewarding to know that the money raised goes towards a good cause.

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