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Music Night and VET Concert

8 October 2021
The ‘music’ experience at La Salle our College is focussed on providing enriching learning opportunities to develop our student’s gifts and abilities to their full potential. In the last few weeks of Term 3 we held our annual College Music Night and VET Concert (Certificate II and III Music Courses).
These events are a celebration and bring our school community together to enjoy and evening of music created by our wonderfully talented and hardworking students.  Music Night was held on Saturday 18 September and an audience of around 500 people were dazzled by a repertoire of performances from the recent Catholic Performing Arts Festival, where our College received many accolades and praise.
The VET Concert was held on Wednesday 22 September in the Nicholas Barre Auditorium and attended by around 200 people. A range of music styles were performed by our talented students who are currently studying to gain either their Certificate II or III in Music Industry. Most of the students performing played an additional instrument to their primary one. For example, a clarinettist played guitar, a saxophonist sung and some students showcased their beginner drum skills.
The Certificate II and III courses are designed to build an understanding and appreciation of the basics of music (in this case contemporary music) and the concert encourages our students to experiment with their skills set, even if it is not the level of performance they may be used to on their primary instrument. 

Both events showcased our comprehensive College Music Program which is led by our Director of Music Christopher Milne, supported by our incredible classroom teachers, ensemble directors, music tutors and administration staff.

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