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13 September 2019

Vinnies Sleepout

Last Friday, 6 September, we had the 2019 Vinnies Sleepout; the theme was Homelessness and Women.  This year, we had Colin Krause as our guest speaker, the Youth Services Coordinator for the St Vincent de Paul Society.  He presented ideas and statistics concerning homeless people in Australia, especially women, and how they end up in positions of homelessness. Colin then talked the participants through activities concerning mindfulness and meditative techniques that allow today’s youth to take some time to de-stress from societal expectations. The night featured many enjoyable, team building activities where we built new friendships and strengthened old ones.

Thanks to Ms Giovanna Fiume and Ms Natalie Calleja (and her greyhound, Skyla) for popping in at the start of our evening.  Thanks to Mr Jonathan Chelliah, Mr Keith Wetton and Mrs Chris O’Callaghan for helping with the night and a special thanks to Mrs Sharon Gregoor for all her help with the organisation.  A big thanks to Ms Shari Outram, our Canteen Manager, for all her efforts in terms of organising the soup kitchen and food donations – the soup was delicious!  A special thanks to Dean at The Black Swan Bakery for donating two large bags of bread, containing rolls and loaves for dinner and breakfast.  Another special thanks to Greg from Swan Valley Fresh, who not only donated the ingredients for our Potato and Leek Soup, but donated them already peeled.  A big THANK YOU to all the participants – we can all now appreciate how tough life is for some people in our society.

The night overall was a success, with donations of $250, bags of clothes and non-perishable food items, all going to the St Vincent de Paul Society.



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