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17 October 2019

2020 Student Leadership Team

The development of leadership qualities in our students is an important dimension of our College community and our collective objectives.  I continue to be impressed by the number of students who do not shy away from responsibility and display leadership, even when they may not hold a formal leadership position.  We know through Christ’s example of servant leadership in John 13: 14-15

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet.  I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

John’s passage reminds us that leadership is not always easy, and that with the privilege also come obligations.  Leadership often presents many challenges requiring difficult and unpopular decisions.  To exercise leadership requires considerable courage and a desire to bring about change and raise awareness within our community.  I encourage all students to continue to search for ways they can provide leadership and model Christ’s example of service to others.


At our College Assembly on Wednesday 25 September Ms Giovanna Fiume, Principal, reflected on the leadership of our Year 12 Captains.   "Our Year 12 leaders have been outstanding at leading our College this year.  They have been consistent at putting others ahead of themselves and showing true servant leadership."


2020 Student Leadership Team

Student Executive Leadership Team for 2020, will lead the Student Representative Council.


College Captains:                             

Emily Candy & Samuel Marshall


College Vice-Captains:                  

Victoria Pavy & Archie Goy


Our Captains will be supported by the following Year 12 Captains and Student Representative Councillors.


Christian Ministry:                          

Jacob Jojo & Marian Perez



Norman Luyt & Qi Ren



Riley Hinds, Mia Lawson-Cross & Faith Adams



Khye Cash & Emily Thomas



Lucy Baptist & Jye O’Leary


Benildus House:                                               

Gus Hameister & Katie Salmon


Brigid House:                                    

Joshua Dass & Markeisha Riddell


Jordan House:                                  

Jade Walker & Kassidy Black


La Salle House:                                 

Jade Mellowship & Talon Henderson


MacKillop House:                            

Hayley Ryall & Aidan Gomez


McCormack House:                        

Rohan Cook & Shaye Baines-Baker


Mutien House:                                 

Jorja Vakulcyzk & Bree Spackman


Solomon House:                              

Yasmin Fox-Mooney & Mason Spraggs



Lauren Walker, Olivia Jones, Ellise Donaldson & Samuel Caubo


Year 11 Councillors:                        

Cooper Read, Isabelle Turner, Rory O’Boyle, Stephanie Whittaker

Year 10 Councillors:                        

Ashleigh Candy, Rose Burge, Mackenzie Barnett, Liam Thompson


Year 9 Councillors:                          

Elizabeth Cook, Riley Marshall, Jack Petrich, Jessica Scarfone


Year 8 Councillors:                          

Lydia Belay, Isabella D’Andrea, Cooper Casey & Torbyn Dienhoff


Student Representative Council Coordinator:

Ms Alexandra Lintern



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