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Online Parent Teacher Interviews

30 March 2021

You will have received information by email about the College’s Online Parent and Guardian/Teacher Interviews scheduled for Monday 19th April from 10.30 am – 6.30 pm.

The Interviews are a wonderful opportunity for you to meet with teacher/s to discuss your child’s learning progress as outlined in their Term 1 Interim Report.

The Interim Report will be available through SEQTA on Thursday 1st April. Please note, you will need to download the Interim Report by Friday 9th April, as SEQTA will be offline in the second week of the school holidays.

How do I book my interview?
  • You have received an email outlining how to book your Parent and Guardian/Teacher Interview through Edval Interviews, an online booking system.
  • If you have made a booking to meet with your child’s teacher/s instructions on how to conduct the meeting/s using Microsoft Teams will be emailed to you on Friday 17th April.
  • The College can only offer one interview per child per teacher. Secondary interviews with another parent/guardian can be organised after the 19th April, 2021.
Why are we meeting online?
  • The College is adhering to current COVID guidelines.
I’m having problems with my booking¬†
  • If you are unable to book an interview due to a teacher being fully booked please email that teacher directly to arrange an alternate time to meet.
  • If you encounter any problems throughout the booking or set-up stage please contact Ms Kelly Bond by email at
On the day of your Parent Interview
  • It’s important that you are online at the designated time/s for your interview/s as staff will have interviews either side of your scheduled time.
  • If an online meeting does not work for technical reasons the teacher will contact you by phone.
Key dates to remember
  • Thursday 1st April – Term 1 Interim Report will be available in SEQTA
  • Friday 9th April – SEQTA will be offline
  • Friday 17th April – Instructions on how to conduct the parent/ teacher meetings using Microsoft Teams will be emailed to you
  • Monday 19th April – Online Parent and Guardian/Teacher Interviews will take place
  • After the 19th April – We can offer secondary interviews with another parent/guardian.

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s education at La Salle College.

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