Mission Statement

The College Mission Statement

In keeping with the tradition begun by John Baptist de La Salle, La Salle College is committed to providing a quality education for the whole person within a Catholic community.

The foundations upon which our College is built are:

  • A strong sense of community
  • A rich Pastoral Care system
  • A nurturing spiritual environment
  • A commitment to excellence

“In its essence, a Lasallian school is not a book, a building, or a programme. A Lasallian school is people, people who electrify the building and make its environment so supportive of growth, no matter what our job description is, we live out faith through the example we give. What happens in every classroom or office is what gives credibility to what is presented and discussed in the religion class and to the public. The Lasallian School is founded on the belief that religion has to do with the whole of life.”

Adapted from the work of Br William Mann - The Lasallian School,1990


Characteristics of a Lasallian School

A Lasallian school is a Christian school in the Catholic tradition. The characteristics of a Lasallian school are:

  • Respect for each student as a unique person.
  • Spirit of community.
  • A school of quality.
  • A school that is Christian.
  • Solidarity with the poor.
  • Educators and administrators should be men and women of faith and zeal.
  • A school organised around the story of John Baptist de La Salle.
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