The College Crest

The Components and Meaning of the Crest


The College Crest was established by the de La Salle Brothers and comprises the following:

  • The Star of Bethlehem - a sign of faith used by other de La Salle Colleges.

  • The Swan - representative of the Western Australian emblem.

  • The Four Bars - representing the four chief natural virtues of Justice, Prudence,Temperance and    Fortitude.
  • The Olive Branches - representing Peace.
  • The Cross of Christ - encompassing all these, is placed above the Crest.

The Crest Motto

'Deo Duce' - God our Leader  

The Crest Colours

The College colours are red, green and yellow.
Page last updated on 8 December 2016
La Salle College crest