Pastoral Care

One of the foundations of La Salle College


As part of the mission of the College, pastoral care is overtly presented in the form of the Pastoral Care Grouping (PCG). Here, groups of approximately 25 students belong to one PCG with their Pastoral Care Advisor (PCA). The PCG is vertically grouped with families kept together over their time at the College. It is in the PCG that the rich House tradition is translated into many activities. The charisms of the particular saints are highlighted, giving the House and its PCG the rich tradition based on the founder.

The human face of pastoral care is visible in the close relationships that the PCA has with his/her PCG members. It is also evident in the interactions that the teacher has with the student and vice versa. John Baptist de La Salle talked of the pedagogy of relationships. The College emulates this in the many interactions that occur. He also talked about 'touching hearts'. The College is about the education of the whole person - the academic, socio-emotional, physical and spiritual. The relationship aspect of the educative process is the foundational basis in which this College operates. Pastoral care at La Salle College is about ensuring that each member of the community has a deep sense of belonging, appreciates the many gifts and talents of the students and the staff and ensuring the focus is always on Christ. We strive to assist our students in realising that they have a God given potential and to constantly work towards this. Our staff work very hard to realise this ideal.

Page last updated 4 October 2017