Act, Belong, Commit



Act Belong CommitIn order to help assist us in promoting mental health and wellness La Salle College has recently partnered with the ACT BELONG COMMIT (A.B.C.) program to become an A.B.C. School! Below is a small taster of what this means for the Lasallian Community. There will be events and activities run throughout the school year to promote this healthy message. Please look out for more information in the Delagram or go to the A.B.C. website 

The program is based around the A-B-C guidelines for positive mental health: Act-Belong-Commit.

Act: represents 'being active' in as many ways possible: physically; socially; and mentally. For example: Reading a book; doing a crossword puzzle; playing solitaire; exercising; gardening or taking a course. Maintain relationships with friends and family, talk to your neighbours or chat to colleagues.


Belong: being a member of a group or organisation has great benefits to mental health. Increasing connectedness to others and the community as a whole through joining a group contributes greatly to mental health. For example; a sports club, chess club, book club, dance class, walking or running group.


Commit: putting a little more effort into the things you do. So becoming more involved at a sporting club, being on a committee, not just watching the theatre but participating! Volunteering, helping at a community or church event, helping someone less fortunate and fundraising are all ways to commit to Mental health.

Page last updated on Wednesday 5 December 2018