Brigid House

St Brigid

St Brigid of Ireland was born in 451 or 452 near Dundalk, County Louth.  She was renowned for her beauty, but she refused many offers of marriage and due to her piety she became a nun.  She founded four monasteries including the famous monastery of Kildare which was the first convent in Ireland. Brigid was a woman of rare ability and dedication with an extraordinary sense of spirituality, charity and compassion for those in distress.

It is fitting to acknowledge her as the patron of the Mercy convent in Midland where her example further inspired the Mercy sisters to carry out their good works in Catholic Education in the Midland area.

St Brigid is buried at Downpatrick along with the other two patron saints of Ireland, St Patrick and St Columba. Her feast day is 1 February.

At La Salle College, Brigid House is represented by the colour orange.

Brigid House Coordinator:      Ms Lani Piggott

Brigid House Captains:           Astyn Penny and Tori Siroen

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