McCormack House

Sister Irene McCormack, martyr

Sr Irene McCormack was born on 21 August 1938 in Kununoppin, Western Australia.  She entered the Congregation of St Joseph on 29 January 1956 and taught in Western Australia for most of her religious life.

In November 1986 Irene chose to be missioned to Peru.  Irene continued her ministry of providing library facilities to poor children.  For political reasons, Communist rebels known as the Shining Path, did not welcome missionaries.  Despite recognising the danger, Irene continued to work with and for the village people.

On 21 May 1991 Irene’s fears were realised when she and five others were dragged to the village square and executed.  Irene’s ‘crime’ in the eyes of her murderers was caring for, working with and handing out Caritas food parcels to the impoverished village.  Her death touches us because she was a courageous woman doing compassionate work.

At La Salle College, McCormack House is represented by the colour burgundy.

McCormack House Coordinator:        Mr Adam Thorne

McCormack House Captains:                      Zoe Caubo and Rose Gilbert

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