Mutien House

St Mutien Marie (Louis Joseph Wiaux)

St Mutien was born in Mellet, Belgium, on 20 March 1841 and was a model Christian teacher in Malonne where he spent the greater part of his life.  He was outstanding among his Brothers for his great humility, his observance of the Rule, and his obedience to his Superiors.

St Mutien died at Malonne on 30 January 1917 after a life distinguished by Christian virtues.  He was beatified by Paul VI on 30 October 1977, and canonised by John Paul II on 10 December 1989.  St Mutien’s tomb is a centre of pilgrimage.  His feast is celebrated on 30 January.

At La Salle College, Mutien House is represented by the colour green.


Mutien House Coordinator:        Ms Sophie Doyle

Mutien House Captains:                      Christopher Hall and Daniel Greinacher

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