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Preparing for parent teacher interviews

20 April 2022

A reminder that on Tuesday 26 April our staff will be conducting Parent Teacher Meetings online via Microsoft Teams. Teams is available on all computer and mobile phone devices and brands.

Preparing for your meetings:
  1. All parents/teacher interviews will be Online Video Meetings and will be conducted through Microsoft Teams
  2. Microsoft Teams is available on all computer and mobile phone devices and brands
  3. You will need your Personal Interview Schedule printed or accessible for online entry into your interviews
  4. Each teacher has created their own virtual ‘Meeting Room’. To enter the room, you simply click on the correct teacher link provided in the list below at your allotted time.
  5. If, for any reason this method does not work, the teacher will attempt to make a phone call to the parent’s mobile number
  6. It is imperative that you only join your virtual meeting at your allotted time, and all meetings will conclude on time
  7. You will need to repeat Step 4 for each of your scheduled meetings
  8. If you miss your allocated appointment time, please email the teacher directly to arrange another appointment time.

Click here to download a summary of how to prepare for your meetings which includes the Teacher Meeting Links.

Scott Mcllroy | Curriculum Coordinator

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