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5 April 2022

Dear families and friends of the College, 

As the term draws to a close, I reflect on the contrasting happenings within the College. There have been periods of joy and sadness, times of great hope and others of despair. This disparity of feelings would certainly have been apparent to the followers of Jesus during that first Easter over two thousand years ago. As we prepare for our contemporary Easter celebration it is opportune to reflect upon what we can learn from their experience.  

There is much evidence in the scriptures to suggest that the Apostles were expecting great reward for their commitment to Jesus. After all, they had forsaken homes, careers and monetary gain to follow a man who had proven to be both charismatic and quietly revolutionary. Surely such commitment would result in a positive outcome for each of them in this world and the next. The extent of their despair at the time of Jesus’ humiliation and crucifixion is not hard to imagine. The man and the message which had influenced their lives so strongly was dead and all hope must have seemed gone. If the story finished at this point there would be no Christianity and the frightening truth would be that aggression and injustice do eventually win out.  

This understanding contrasts sharply with the reality which confronted Simon Peter and Mary Magdalene as they stared into the empty tomb a few days later and were touched by an overwhelming sense of expectation and joy. They would have experienced an optimism for themselves as they came to terms with the reality of the resurrection and a sense of the hope that has endured for the world since.  

While wishing all of our families a restful break, I also invite you to avail yourselves of the Easter liturgies in your parish and thereby enjoy all that this season has to offer. We pray that the miracle of that first Easter Sunday will inspire all people of goodwill to a new optimism and hope. 

Holiday wishes 

As all students and staff prepare to take a break after a long term, I hope that families are able to enjoy some extended time together. Those who are travelling during these holidays are wished safe travel and exciting adventures. School recommences for all students on Wednesday, 27 April 2022. 

God bless! 

Giovanna FiumePrincipal 

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