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28 June 2022

June has been a busy month in the life of staff and students at La Salle College.

From a time of restrictions and reduced contact with one another, the ability to travel with few restrictions and to interact with peers from other schools has meant a multitude of experiences are back on the menu for students who have the courage to reach and take them. 

Courage is a difficult concept for our modern society. I know I often revert to thinking of the great sacrifices people have made to show courage such as the ANZAC soldiers fighting on foreign shores and Sister Irene McCormack and St Solomon who gave their lives for their faith.  

However, courage is equally present when someone moves out of their ‘comfort zone’ to try something they know is difficult, when a sports team faces a stronger side and plays with pride or when someone stands up and uses their voice when they see something that is wrong and says:

‘Stop’ or ‘we don’t do that here at La Salle’. 

There are many times in life when we are afraid, when obstacles can seem too large to overcome. It is often when we are in a situation that is new or strange that we feel this emotion. In Matthew’s Gospel we see this happen when the disciples see Jesus walking on water, they are terrified. 

 “But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 14:27  

When we are faced with barriers or when we feel alone, courage can be difficult to find. As a member of La Salle College there is always someone to help – a Pastoral Care Advisor, a classroom Teacher, a Leader of Wellbeing or Learning, a Teacher Assistant, a Technician, Grounds people, Administration officers and the list continues. When you are surrounded by people who want the best for students it is easy to see that the environment created is one where courage is not easy, but it is possible. 

Thank you for your continued support of the College and God Bless.

Mrs Roxana Davies | Acting Principal


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