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14 May 2024

Over the last few weeks, the media has been saturated by stories of senseless violence. We have seen the devastation of war in Ukraine and the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Closer to home, we have seen families devastated by the violent deaths of their loved ones as they shopped in their local shopping centre or as they travelled the world seeking new adventures and surfing spots. Our thoughts and prayers will always be for the innocent victims of violence in our world but that is not enough.

In a world that is often burdened by challenges and uncertainties, we are reminded of the pivotal moment of our Christian faith – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This event symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair, and life over death. As members of a Catholic Community, we are called to be Easter people – to embrace the spirit of hope, spreading kindness, compassion, and love to those around us. Each of us can support one another, lift each other up, and strive to create a world where hope flourishes. Through the small things we do each day for others, through the kindness we show and the gifts we share, we become the light that triumphs over darkness. Over the first few weeks of this term that light has been evident within our College Community at all levels as we have supported those in need and worked together to support one another.

MAD Day 2024
We are truly blessed to have a patron saint, St John Baptist de La Salle, who modelled for us all the life that Christ asks us to live. He looked beyond self to determine how he lived a life in service to God. His work to change the lives of children in poverty throughout France reminds us that we all have a responsibility to care for those that have less. This is the reason for MAD Day, which we celebrated on Friday 10 May 2024.

It was a wonderful display of community spirit, a day that binds us together as a tangible example of our sense of family. We showed the warmth of our community, the love and belonging that draws us together and celebrated all that is wonderful at La Salle College as we commemorated our founder, St John Baptiste de la Salle.

Through our students’ service to others and fundraising from stalls and activities, we will be able to support less fortunate members in our local community through the Archbishop’s LifeLink appeal and our ‘twin school’ in Pakistan, St Patrick’s School. This Lasallian school needs basics that we take for granted. I know that for me the highlight of MAD day was our students and staff coming together to work as one to improve the lives of others with such a positive spirit of support.

Touching Hearts – Christian Service-Learning Program
As a community we recognise financial assistance is not all that people need but also our actions, which can improve the lives of others. Providing for those in our community is key to our Lasallian story. Over the last few months, our students have been showing Christ’s love and hope to others within our community through small actions that make a difference to the lives of others. These include:

  • Year 11 students participating in the 5000 Meals project. The food our students prepare is distributed to those in need via the Dream builders Café in Midland.
  • Our Year 9s environmental sustainability projects.
  • Our Year 10s volunteering at a number of local support agencies like Vinnies.

Mothers’ Day Liturgy and Breakfast
On Thursday 9th May 2024, we celebrated the wonderful mums and significant women in our lives and Lasallian community. Our Year 11 students hosted a moving Liturgy in the College Chapel and splendid morning tea upstairs in the Peter Elloy Staff Centre. The tables were adorned with fresh flowers and handwritten affirmations of love and gratitude, setting the scene for a beautiful and memorable Mother’s Day celebration.

Thank you to our amazing Parents and Friends volunteers who acknowledged the wonderful contributions of our Lasallian mums with a special flower drive-through, supported by our Student Leaders who helped give out chrysanthemums during morning drop-off.

We truly are blessed to have so many wonderful mums and mother figures in our school community, who are the light and love of Christ to their families and our community! I hope that you all had a wonderful Mothers’ Day.

As the year continues, I encourage all within our community to embrace the message of Christ’s Resurrection and be people of hope. Hope is essential when we face challenges, providing us with a sense of direction and resilience. As a community, our unity is strengthened by our shared hope for a safer and caring world. It encourages us to support one another, persevere through difficult times and work towards a brighter future. By embracing hope, we can overcome obstacles and create positive change.

God bless!

Giovanna Fiume


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