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Reading for the Heart and Mind

12 July 2021

With a growing need for positive mental health messages for children and teenagers – the WA Branch of Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) WA has launched a series of five online videos highlighting the benefits books and reading bring to readers from early childhood to young adults – Reading for the Heart and Mind.

The videos cover the important topics of Reading to Children, Imagination, Curiosity, Resilience and Self- Acceptance. The Heart and Mind video series features books by many amazing WA children’s and young adults’ authors including titles from the CBCA Notables and shortlist.

The video series comes with resources for parents and teachers to find the books featured in each video at their local library and to find more information about each topic.

The videos are presented by award-winning WA author and mental health advocate Josh Langley along with our state secretary and passionate children’s literature promoter Kris Williams. The Reading for the Heart and Mind web page resources can be found here.

The project has been made possible with the support of Healthway promoting the message Go for 2&5.

Carmel White | iCentre Coordinator

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