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4 November 2022
The La Salle College, formally De La Salle College (DLS), Class of ’63 formed a committee some time ago to recognise, acknowledge and honour the sacrifices made by graduates of the College who served in the Vietnam War, over 50 years ago. These Vietnam Vets were not formally recognised when they returned home from that War that changed their lives forever.  Our Vet schoolmates were not only involved in combat, but they were also involved in medical support, education and rebuilding local infrastructure. The “Respect Our Own” committee identified 21 DLS College graduates who served in that War during the National Service period 1964 to 1972.  The number of graduates who served in that War is a relatively high percentage of the former students at the College of that time. To acknowledge and honour the College Vets who served in the Vietnam War, a website has been developed with input from the Vets.  The “Respect Our Own” website includes a virtual Honour Board, stories from a number of Vets and background to the website project. A formal function was held at the 7th Avenue Bar and Restaurant Function Room in Midland on Friday 21 October 1922 to officially honour and recognise these Vets and officially launch the website. The function was attended by more than 50 guests, including nine Vets, some with their wives and partners, and former DLS College students across graduating years 1962 to 1973.  Roy Aveling, as chair of the Committee, welcomed and acknowledged the Vets and Greg Branson, the website creator and developer, introduced and officially launched the website.  A keynote address was given by Michael Brennan, a retired full Colonel from the Australian Army. The website launch function was an outstanding success, well received and thoroughly enjoyed by the Vets and all guests.  The function was clearly an emotional event for the Vets as some had not seen one another for over 40 years and enjoyed catching up and sharing their stories. The Committee members encourage all those interested to access the Respect our Own website and view the De La Salle College Vietnam Vets on the virtual Honour Board, read their stories and obtain more information on the background and history of the website project. Committee Members Roy Aveling, Kevin Smith, Greg Branson (Melb Vic), Ian Campbell (Vet), Rudi Kerenyi, John Rengel, David Costello, Paul Calleja. Vet records information, Alan Ferdinands (Vet; Qld)

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