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Staff v Year 11s Frisbee Memorial Match

11 November 2022

On Friday 11 November 2022 we held our Staff vs Year 11s Ultimate Frisbee match to honour the life of one of our teachers Ben Reilly, who sadly lost his battle with MND in 2021.

Ben’s memory continues to inspire our school community to maintain our strong values of faith, love, and hope.

Ben was a true Lasallian, a passionate educator and with his caring nature, thrived in his role as a Year 11 Leader of Wellbeing. He used his love of Ultimate Frisbee to encourage students to ‘have a go’ and enjoy spending time with friends and students from other schools.

Thank you to the students and staff who participated in the friendly matches at lunchtime.

We wish our Year 11s all the best for their exams this week and a restful break.

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