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Standards and Expectations – Attendance

7 February 2023

Each child attends school with their peers to participate in the compulsory curriculum delivered by their teachers. We have a finite amount of time each school day, week, term, and year to teach your child. We carefully plan and coordinate our instruction and administrative resources accordingly.

We know that children learn best in a stable, predictable environment. One of the reasons school attendance is compulsory, is it allows teaching professionals to maintain this stability by providing each student with structure and routine, within clear boundaries. Students who learn alongside their peers benefit from the questions, answers and discussion generated in their classroom. Our teachers develop a professional understanding of the unique way each child learns and designs their instruction accordingly.

When students miss class, their teachers are compelled to divert their time into helping the student make up for their absence. Students who break routine by leaving and returning to class may also distract their peers and teachers. Non-school providers may have superior single subject knowledge or expertise, however, unlike our teachers, they do not always have the big picture perspective to be able to put that expertise into your child’s educational context.

For these reasons, we cannot express enough how important it is that students are at school and on time every day. We expect every student to spend school time doing school planned and directed activities. Only in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the Principal, may a student be excused to participate in activities that are not part of their school educational programme.

Should you have any concerns relating to school attendance, please contact Shannon Smith or Scott McIlroy at the College.

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