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Standards and Expectations – Uniform and Grooming

13 February 2023

The vast majority of students have commenced the 2023 school year wearing the College uniform correctly and appropriately, and we thank you for your efforts.

The College Uniform is fundamental to the standards and culture of our school. In 2023, the College is determined to ensure that students wear the College uniform with great pride and to the highest possible standard. The support of parents and caregivers is essential to ensure that the College maintains the highest possible standard of uniform.

Parents and caregivers are requested to carefully read the College Uniform Policy to ensure both students and families alike understand the expectations. Parents and caregivers will be contacted by the relevant Leader of Wellbeing should students fail to meet the College expectations. Our College values are visible every day in the way our students present themselves and we thank you in advance for your support.

Deputy Principal Year 10-12 Ms Shannon Smith | Deputy Principal year 7-9 Mr Scott McIlroy 

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