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Storytelling with AI

28 May 2024

Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In Year 9 Digital Technologies the students have been building and testing Arduino table-top games using programs that they’ve created themselves using the Arduino IDE (ISO C). These table-top games demonstrate their understanding of DIGITAL INPUT / OUTPUT using an Arduino Microcontroller in combination with buttons, and LEDs. What an amazing learning opportunity for our Year 9s.  

Earlier this term, our Year 7 Project Based Learning students were tasked with a media arts challenge.

The Media Arts Challenge was designed to help students develop acting and creative skills through artistic media, theatre arts, scriptwriting, and prop design. Sometimes the story you know isn’t the whole story. They explored what happens when the focus of a story changes. Putting a twist on a well-known tale!

Students were required to create and present a flipped tale that is inspired by a well-known story but focuses on a new main character and use new technologies and digital software to produce the story e.g., Flipgrid, Adobe Express, Video Editor, etc.

In some cases, students also used artificial intelligence to produce amazing story books and images before then recording themselves reading their scripts.

Below are a few examples of student work which best illustrate this.

Brad Dawson – Digital Technologies Teacher

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