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Student Recognition System

19 May 2021

Acknowledging student achievements is an important part of fostering self-respect and confidence and contributes to a positive school culture.


At La Salle College our Student Recognition System comprises of ‘Colours and Commendations’ to recognise the positive contributions and achievements our students are making in their school community. Colours can be achieved for outstanding personal achievement and or for outstanding representation of the College. Examples may include the awarding of a number of academic awards, community service, outstanding sporting achievement and/or performances in the Arts. Half Colours can be awarded to students in Year 7-12, while Full Colours are typically awarded to students in Year 10-12. Throughout the year students are involved in various College events, co-curricular activities and can then apply for Half or Full Colours.

Colours are represented by a coloured badge that denotes the field and level of the student’s achievement. Colours are awarded to students who have brought distinction to themselves and/or the College in the fields of:

  • Academic                       (Red)
  • Faith and Service       (White)
  • Culture                           (Purple)
  • Leadership                   (Yellow)
  • Sport                              (Green)

On a daily basis, students can be rewarded with Commendations for their excellent behaviour, effort and academic achievement. The College’s Student Recognition System offers students the opportunity to be recognised in a positive manner via a three-tiered system. In the process, students earn House points.

Teacher Commendation: 1 House Point Awarded

Teacher Commendations can be given to students by all teachers. This could be for things such as:

  • High test marks
  • Significant improvement in attitude, effort, behaviour or results over an extended period
  • Ongoing high personal standards e.g. uniform, good manners

General Commendation: 5 House Points Awarded

  • A General Commendation can be awarded in a number of different categories such as Year, House, Academic, Pastoral and Community.
  • This is an academic/House award where teachers are able to nominate a student to the relevant Deputy Principal for consideration.

Principal’s Commendation: 10 House Points Awarded

  • Academic work, community service or other contributions that are considered to be of an exceptional standard may be submitted by staff (endorsed by the relevant Deputy Principal) for consideration by the Principal.

All Commendation recipients go into a draw to win a $30 voucher for JB HiFi which is drawn at the College Assembly.

Ms Fiona Flower | Deputy Principal

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