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Student Wellbeing Program

14 February 2023

Every Wednesday, our Year 7-12 students participate in extended Pastoral Care time.

The activities that are completed during this time support the holistic wellbeing of the students. Some activities are completed in year groups, whilst others take place within PCG groups. These activities may include assemblies, guest speakers, House spirit activities, cohort-based wellbeing sessions or conversations in line with our Keeping Safe: Protective Behaviours Curriculum.

If you have any concerns relating to this extended pastoral care time, please contact the relevant Leader of Wellbeing.

Leaders of Wellbeing 

Year group  Name  Email address 
Year 7  Jade Lori  
Year 8  Mark McGough  
Year 9  Colleen Wheeler  
Year 10  Derek Pollock  
Year 11  David McKay  
Year 12  Tanya Manning 
Aboriginal Education  Helen Moir  






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