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Students success journal article

6 December 2022

A recently published journal article in the Students Success Journal: School-Based Enabling Programs: Creating Opportunity and Connection. A Practice Report provides insights into the impact of FlexiTrack High (FTH), a pioneering school-based enabling program that La Salle College offers its senior students.

The early research indicates, how effective course design can create opportunities that foster connections between tertiary and secondary institutions.

“A blended, embedded, school-based program, designed with thoughtful consideration of the ETP, can foster student growth, preparedness, opportunity and belonging, and also build valuable connections with school communities.”

Students who successfully complete the Murdoch FlexiTrack course will receive an equivalent ATAR score of 70.

Thank you to College staff Jaimee Dawson (Careers Counsellor Coordinator) and Carmel White (iCentre Coordinator) for your contributions to the journal article and coordination and support of Murdoch FlexiTrack High here at the College.

Contact the Careers team if you have any questions about your child’s academic pathway options. There is also information on our College website about the range of academic pathways we offer to help students achieve excellence at an individual level.

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