Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum 2019

The Year 8 course comprises both compulsory and elective subjects.


Religious Education Italian
Touching Hearts - Christian Service Learning Mathematics
English Physical Education
Health Education Science
Humanities & Social Sciences

All students must complete a course of study in each of the compulsory subjects. The placement of students into English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities & Social Sciences, Mathematics and Science is based on their academic performance in Year 7.


Dance  Metalwork
Dance/Drama Music Allegro/
Music in Media
Digital Technologies (Compulsory Course)
Music General
Drama Technical Graphics
Food Technologies
Visual Arts
Media Arts (Photography)
It is compulsory for Year 8 students to have the opportunity to study subjects in the Technologies Learning Area - Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies.   All Year 8 students must study Digital Technologies.  All students will be able to choose from the following Design and Technologies contexts:  Wood, Metbal, Food and Technical Graphics.   It is also compulsory for Year 8 students to study subjects in The Arts and Music Learning Areas - Performance and Visual Arts.  All students must study at least one subject from Performance (Dance, Drama, Music) and Visual Arts.  This is :  Performance: (Dance, Drama, Music) and Visual (Visual Arts, Media Arts, Photography)

Year 8 Curriculum Handbook

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Year 8 Booklist & Resource Fees

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