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31 March 2022
A Lasallian school is more than just a curriculum, it’s a united community connected in values, in spirit and a common experience.
Our Pastoral Care Groups have started a new reflection initiative this week We Are La Salle, sharing within their PCG what they love about being at the College and highlights from their school week.
Academic achievements and developing friendships and having good mates were reflected strongly from our students from Benildus 1 PCG and Jordan 1. 
Here are some quotes about what they love at the College or a highlight from their school week.
A highlight this week was playing spoons this week with my PCG – Sophia.
Having the handball table to play with my friends – Kenneth.
Having good friends and fun at lunch time – Levi.
The close relationships in our PCG – Monika.
The teachers and how kind they are – George.
Long PCGs that involve sport – Jilliane.
I got good grades in Science – Lewis.
I got a high grade on my maths test – Franchesca.

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