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11 May 2023

With planning already underway for many events and activities, the P&F are looking to fill the following roles to bring this work to life.

  • Executive Position – Chair
  • Executive Position – Deputy Chair
  • Fundraising and Community Spirit Sub-Committee Lead

To learn more about the roles please read the information detailed below or email the P&F President Ms Carla Turner at P&

Nominate for a position by completing this online form – and make a positive impact in your child’s school community. 

Executive Position – Chair 

  • Provide leadership, support and guidance for all members of the Committee
  • Ensure all members are advised of meeting dates
  • Ensure all meeting agendas have been prepared and venue and time of the meeting have been advised
  • Preside/Chair at all General Meetings
  • Ensure a quorum is present
  • Ensure all members are provided a copy of the previous meeting minutes
  • Exercise supervision of the functions of other office bearers
  • Monitor tasks undertaken by the P&F Group
  • Encourage parents and others to participate in the activities of the committee and the school as a whole
  • Communicate to Committee members when the school requires volunteers throughout the year and compile lists of volunteers accordingly. Send reminders and follow up after the event
  • Prepare an Annual Report that is presented at the Annual Community Meeting.
Executive Position – Deputy Chair 
  • The Deputy Chair supports the Chair in the leadership of the P&F Committee and represents the Chair if they are unavailable. See above for details.
Fundraising and Community Spirit Sub-Committee Lead:
  • Plan to meet regularly with sub-committee colleagues
  • Be prepared to report at P&F General Meetings
  • Attend all meetings (or nominate a representative to attend and report
  • Work collaboratively with the P&F Executive and other Sub-Committee Leads
  • As a group, the sub-committee will set long-term and short-term goals, set meeting dates in addition to the P&F General Meeting dates and make joint decisions
  • Attend to business of sub-committee to obtain outcomes
  • Ensure the Constitution is adhered to
  • Ensure fair discussion – give all an opportunity to speak
  • Ensure decisions are carried out and followed up
  • Encouraging parents to get involved, calling on general P&F helpers as required.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

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