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Wellbeing focus for Semester 2

20 July 2021
Wellbeing is quite simply, feeling well and functioning well. It also includes the ability to self-regulate when feeling out of balance. Throughout Semester 1 our students were provided with the opportunity to develop their social-emotional learning through a range of activities that took place during Long PCG. Semester 2 will continue in the same manner.  Students will participate in Long PCG every Wednesday and use this time to come together as a year group and as a College for celebration of the Eucharist or for an Assembly. They will also engage in Protective Behaviours Education that focuses on the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum. Developing a growth mindset, developing coping strategies, building resilience and managing social conflict are areas that have and will continue to be a focus across the College in 2021. These topics will be further developed and understood in conjunction with each year group focus. These are;
  • Year 7 – Becoming Lasallian
  • Year 8 – Being Inclusive
  • Year 9 – Stepping Up
  • Year 10 – Making Connections
  • Year 11 – Seeking Purpose
  • Year 12 – Becoming Independent
To support parents with the development of teenagers who are feeling well, functioning well and able to self-regulate, the Wellbeing Team, made up of the Leaders of Wellbeing, the College Counselling Team and Student Council Coordinator will provide regular submissions through the Parent Hub and Delagram. These articles will link to some of the areas listed above and include additional information pertaining to teenagers, emotional regulation and brain development. We look forward to working together with our College families in the social-emotional development and wellbeing of our students. Fiona Flower | Deputy Principal

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