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Year 10 Art Sculpting Workshop

26 July 2021

Our Year 10 Art students participated in a very special workshop on Friday 23 July.

Artist and special effects designer Will Huntley visited the students to share his knowledge and know-how when it comes to sculpting a face from scratch.

Mr Huntley has worked for Disney and on film sets in Hollywood including movies such as Bicentennial Man, The X Files and Alien: Resurrection.

The students began with a portrait drawing tutorial where they learned the mechanics and proportions of the face. After recess they applied this new knowledge of facial proportions to the clay. Once the basics of the face were achieved, students were then able to add their individual creativity with many opting to add fantasy characteristics to their clay artworks. These artworks will be on display at the annual College Art Exhibition in Term 4.

The resounding feedback from students at the end of the day was that the workshop was a thrilling experience and they looked forward to working with Mr Huntley again in the future.

Jessica Sorci | Teacher

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