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Year 10 Reflection Day

1 December 2021

In Week 8 our Year 10 students participated in Reflection Days. Over the two days the Youth Mission Team, RAC and our own staff led the students through a range of activities as they considered the year that is coming to a close and year ahead.

The theme of the reflection was ‘Life Choices’. Students looked at the many choices we all make every day, often without much thought, and the effects these decisions have in our lives. They developed the skills of responsible decision-making as a way of empowering themselves to create a safe and fulfilling life.

Games, craft activities, dramas and physical activities were all used to provide an engaging and thought-provoking environment for students to reflect. To their credit the students participated enthusiastically across the two days and should be very proud of the respect they displayed to each other, the facilitators and themselves.

We hope through these experiences, that students are also able to recognise the presence of God in our lives as John Baptist de La Salle always encouraged his followers to do.

Amy Webb Leader of Wellbeing Year 10

Aaron Peters Deputy Principal Catholic Identity and Mission

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