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Year 10 work experience adventures

2 December 2021

The Year 10 Certificate I Employment Pathways aims to prepare students for the workplace.

It has been designed to support learners to develop skills and knowledge to improve their employability and work readiness skills and help them explore work options and/or potential employment pathways.

As part of the course requirements,  students take part in work experience twice a year at various workplaces. The students generally find their own placement in an industry that interests them. However, they may also enlist the help of the Careers Department.

The first placement took place in Term 2 and the second in Term 4. All the theory and work skills students gained through their course has been put into practice.

The Term 4 placements were a huge success. The feedback from workplace supervisors and staff was positive with many expressing how impressed they were with the students work ethic and willingness to learn.

Three of our students have secured apprenticeships to commence at a future date, another has been offered an apprenticeship commencing in 2022 and another has been offered a traineeship for 2023. What is even more outstanding, is one business offered one of our students a choice between three different apprenticeships. They said that in the short time he had been there, he had proven himself as capable as a seasoned tradesman.

Feedback from workplace supervisors:

 “It is very rare to have a student pick up the skills as well as she has”.

“It seems like he has been here for ages and is just part of the team”.

“In only a few days he has shown us that he could do anything asked of him and to a high standard”.

“She showed initiative and was keen to learn, which is why we would like to give her a traineeship”.

We are very proud of how all the students represented themselves and La Salle College.

Mrs Dealy and Mrs Valkoff

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